Atfaluna Society
February 20, 2018 - 03:23ص
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SSCRU Hall No. 2

The SSCRU Hall No. 2 is located in the Social Services and Community Resource Unit building adjacent to the main Atfaluna building. Situated on the second floor of the building the hall is located on the western side and is perfect for training sessions and workshops. The hall can accommodate up to 25 persons. The location of the hall is fairly secluded allowing for more high concentration sessions.


Equipped with all the necessary facilities including LCD Projector with infrared pointer,  LCD Screen, laptop, flip chart and white board the hall is convenient for every event. A sofa fitted waiting area outside the training hall is available for participants during break periods. The hall is also accessible by lift for disabled persons.


The room is air conditioned and has large windows which give strong bright lighting. A large range of refreshments can also be provided including: hot/cold beverages, mineral water, biscuits, pastries, sandwiches and desserts. 

Contact Information

2828495 - 2865468-(8ـ00972)